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Discover the playful and endearing world of HANSA Creation USA's Monkey Collection. Our skilled artisans have poured their expertise into crafting an enchanting array of monkey species, capturing the spirit and charm of these delightful primates.

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From the mischievous capuchins to the majestic gorillas, each plush toy and sculpture is a testament to artistry and attention to detail. Whether you're a primate enthusiast, a collector, or simply seeking to infuse your surroundings with the joy of these intelligent creatures, HANSA Creation USA's Monkey Collection brings the lively essence of the jungle into your home or workspace. Choose from our captivating creations to add a touch of monkey magic to your environment or to delight someone special with the gift of these adorable and expressive companions."

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Weight 13.89 lbs
Dimensions 29.53 × 19.69 × 38.58 in


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