The official online retail store for Hansa Creation plush toys in the USA.

Shipping and Handling


Your shipping fees will depend on the weight of the product you purchase.  Rates are computed on a single item weight.  Purchasing multiple items from different resellers will increase the overall shipping weight and may result to higher or multiple shipping charges.

Our weight base fee structure are as follows:

   0.01lbs - 0.50lbs = $10.95
   0.50lbs - 3.00lbs = $14.99 + $0.75 per 0.25 lbs over
   3.00lbs - 5.00lbs = $25.95 + $0.65 per 0.25 lbs over
   5.00ibs - 10.0lbs = $32.50 + $0.55 per 0.35 lbs over
   10.0ibs - 15.0ibs = $42.50 + $1.00 per 0.50 lbs over
   15.0lbs - 20.0lbs = $55.50 + $1.75 per 0.35 lbs over


Certain items, because of their size or weight are subject to oversize/overweight charges. These charges if any will be indicated on the product short description and also on the shopping cart during checkout.  This charges is to cover special handling charges by common carrier that may need to use special equipment, lift gates and other similar specialty delivery method to fulfill an order.  Typically oversize items are delivered via a trucking company, therefore transit times may take longer than usual.  Please plan accordingly.